Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan
ISSN 2086-4981

Writing Techniques

Typing the manuscript done by a distance of 1 space, paper width 21 cm height 29.7 cm (A4), no back and forth, writing 10-15 pages long. 11 point Arial typeface, margins above 4 cm, less than 3 cm, 4 cm left and right 3 cm, without a footnote.

Picture / Photo is a digital image (the scanner) are integrated in the text. Not justified to use the image in the text patch.

Numbering table (above table), picture (picture below) with a serial number.

The equation is written with arabic numerals in parentheses between the right edge

INTRODUCTION, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS AND REFERENCES made with 2 columns with column spacing of 1 cm.